If you are working as a tractor or heavy-metal driver, you must make sure that your tires are in good condition. Or, your tires are the best quality brand. Given that off-road is uncertain, you wouldn’t know what might happen to your car in the middle of the road.

The GT Radial Tires in the Philippines created a tire that is user-friendly for those who used to work off-road. We would like to present you with our GT Rock Grip and GT Super Traction tires. Get to know the tires’ features below.

GT Rock Grip

The GT Rock Grip tires are specifically designed to handle all types of difficult jobs anywhere. Its features and advantages are:

  • Tubeless: It is efficient to use which means the tire has a lower operational cost.
  • Exceptional Quality—OTR Compound: GT Rock Grip tires have durable and resistant to tears, cuts, and snags. The heat-resistant compound also aids in the cooling of the tire.
  • Wide Open Shoulder Block: Allows the tire to cool down faster, allowing for higher TKPH (Ton Kilometer Per Hour).
  • Zigzag Grooves: Excellent maneuverability and grip in open pit/open mine conditions or other extreme conditions.

GT Super Traction

The GT Super Traction, designed by the best brand of tires in the Philippines, has excellent traction and flotation on muddy terrain. Check its features and advantages below:

  • Special tread for muddy terrain. A vehicle that uses GT Super Traction can help increase traction and grip on rocky or muddy terrain to improve wheel loader performance.
  • Special OTR Compound: The GT Super Traction is excellent in all extreme conditions and lasts longer to reduce operational costs.
  • Adaptable Casing Construction: Aside from the fact that GT Super Traction is adaptable and flexible, it has a stronger tire wall and a tear resistor than any type of tire.

Tires Brand | Philippines

Are you looking for the best tires that will suit your car? You will find it with us, at GT Radial. We offer different types of tires that are affordable and quality-guaranteed. Whatever type of vehicle you have, all-season tires, summer tires, winter tires, touring tires, or modern tires — all these are available at GT Radial!

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