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We at GT Radial Philippines have committed ourselves to excellence and customer safety.

GT Radial is committed to producing high quality but affordable tires for Filipino motorists. Our advocacy is to keep improving our tires to ensure motorists’ safety and keep up with the road’s demands. For this reason, we only utilize the best machines, materials, and processes in producing tires. At the same time, we also hire the best workers who are experts in tire manufacturing.

Over the years, we have maintained our reputation for excellence, and we have always successfully supplied our dealers with exceptional tires for various vehicles. We can assure our customers that all GT Radial tires:

When you put on a set of GT Radial tires on your vehicle, you can be confident that your tires have been put through one of the most rigorous and comprehensive quality control systems in the industry.

Quality Control System at GT Radial Plants

GT Radial has implemented a comprehensive quality control system at all seven of its tire plants. Strict quality control measures ensure that the quality of raw materials meet required specifications. GT Radial also conducts inspections at each stage of the production process to ensure that each component meets relevant specifications and standards.



GT Radial subjects tires to a final inspection before packaging them for delivery. With the use of an internal numbering system, the factories and distribution centers are able to monitor the employee group responsible for a particular production process, for each tire that is produced.

Part of the efforts to keep improving quality and safety standards include a single barcode located on the tire’s sidewall for backward tracing from the raw materials used all the way to the final product.


Operational Excellence and EHS (Environmental, Health and Safety)

Giti Tire is fully committed to maintaining the highest standard of quality control procedures. All plants have obtained ISO/TS16949:2002 accreditation (a highest standard of quality control) and ISO14001 Environmental Management System Accreditation.

Giti Excellent System governs not only operational excellence and efficiency but also employee health and safety in the work place and environmental sustainability by reducing natural resources and increasing reuse/recycling.

Tire Production Process – Meticulous and Complex

Tire production requires the best men, materials, machines, and processes. Giti Tire employees are passionate about building a better and safer tire. Below is an illustration on how tire is produced from raw materials, mixing, building, curing to the final products and Giti Tire’s relentless desire for improvement to ensure consistent quality.



GT Radial has attained key international certifications for productsin terms of quality and safety.

United States

All of the tires exported to the United States are accredited with the DOT Certification from the Department of Transportation of the United States.


All tires produced for export to Europe satisfy the European E-mark safety standard.

Middle East

GT Radial has earned the Gulf Standard Certification from the Public Authority for Industry of the State of Kuwait and the Saudi Arabian Standards of Organization for tires exported to the Middle East.


GT Radial has obtained the Brazilian INMETRO Safety Certification from Instituto Felcao Bauer da Qualidade, Brazil.


All the tires are accredited with Safety Certifications from the National Tires Certification Committee and the China Compulsory Product Certification from Beijing Zhonghuan Combination Quality Certification Co, Ltd.

Our Purpose: To Make World-Class Tires

In 2013, GT Radial added two new R&D centers in the Unites States and Germany to the existing three centers in China, Indonesia, and the United Kingdom to further improve R&D capabilities around the world. With a team of over 600 experienced R&D engineers working closely throughout the five centers, GT Radial continues to enhance brand competitiveness and brand position to become a market leader.

Apart from conducting research and development, GT Radial also collaborates with leading research institutes and universities around the global.

International Experience with a Multinational Background

GT Radial’s R&D personnel are made up of 20 different nationalities, creating a diverse atmosphere with cumulative knowledge and expertise. When combined with state-of-the-art tools and methods, GT Radial is enabled to produce technology driven products for improved and sustainable profitability while driving new market opportunities.

GT Radial ETC (European Technical Center)

GT Radial has made a significant investment in a European tire testing facility, hosted at the internationally acclaimed MIRA Ltd Proving Ground (previously called Motor Industry Research Association) at Warwickshire, just outside of Birmingham, UK. ETC consists of highly experienced tire testing and development staffs to provide development and evaluation capacity to GT Radial’s R&D Center in China.

Proving Grounds

If indoor testing is successful, tires will be incorporated in one or more of the four GT Radial Proving Grounds located in: China (Anhui and Taiwan), the United Kingdom, and Finland (for winter tires).

On the test tracks, skilled drivers put tires through the paces to measure:

  • High speed stability testing

  • Dry handling testing

  • Snow performance testing

  • 4×4 off road handling and extreme tire testing

  • Wet handling testing

  • Wet handling for truck tire


Environmental Friendly Tires

Today’s motorists are looking for safety, long tread life, fuel savings, and services that make traveling easier.

At GT Radial R&D – We challenge ourselves not only to deliver a balanced performance of tire safety and durability but also less fuel consumption and to meet the expectations of each customer.

Tire Usage Perspective

More than 60% of the world’s oil output is used in transportation. In trucks/buses, tires contribute to approximately 30% of fuel consumption, or one full tank on every 3 trucks/buses, that can be saved by using the right tires with correct maintenance.

After years of research, GT Radial successfully developed tire production that consumes less fuel without sacrificing performance, and is verified by the US Environmental Protection agency, SmartWay.

In addition, GT Radial continually attempts to educate the public about the most fuel efficient ways to make use of a tire, how to select and maintain energy saving tires while providing the most professional solutions, and giving advice to fleets and users on how to reduce fuel consumption and cost. By providing the right tires and relevant technical support, GT Radial will help promote sustainable development of the industry while creating environmental benefits to the society.

Tire Manufacturing Perspective

Energy and non-renewable raw materials are becoming scarcer and more expensive. Optimizing their use and conserving them over the long term is essential. The challenge is to meet all of these goals without sacrificing tire performance, while being mindful of our responsibility to the environment and the people who live in it.

In this way, GT Radial is committed to reducing air emissions, water emissions, scrap and indirect materials, while increasing reuse/recycling.




Environmental Conservation Perspective

GT Radial’s parent company has donated USD $1 million for 260,000 hectares of conservation projects in various areas, through a partnership agreement with Conservation International (CI).

Protecting these forest areas from conversion into vegetation with lower biomass (tree plantations or agriculture) conserves about 100 tons of carbon per hectare, or 26 million tons of carbon in total. This is equivalent to about 100 years of carbon emissions resulting from coal burning at GT Radial plants.

As much as we love our tires, nothing rewards us more than our customers loving them

As much as we love our tires, nothing rewards us more than our customers loving them All the innovation, quality, and technology we put into our products become real when you start using, experiencing, and loving our tires. We are honored to have qualified as a major OE supplier to many renowned vehicle makers, both in domestic and international markets. Our commitment in meeting the needs of the automobile industry and the excellence in our products and services has won us many industry awards and accolades such as “Supplier of the Year” and “Most Outstanding Supplier”.

GM Supplier Merit Award 2005, 2006, 2007,2009 and Quality Excellence Award 2012 in recognition of performance in the areas of quality, service, technology and price.

“We are proud to honor Giti Tire as one of the “Best of the Best” GM suppliers in 2006. Giti Tire Group achieved the award based on outstanding performance. We appreciate their energy, hard work and dedication to the success of GM.”

– GM Group Vice President

“Giti Tire is the only tire manufacturer supplying to GM Brazil to receive the 2009 GM Supplier of the Year award. We look forward to your support and continued growth with us.”

– GM VP Supply Chain


CHERY:  Outstanding Supplier Award 2008 and 2009

JAC: Outstanding Supplier Award for 4 consecutive years, Cooperation Contribution Award 2010 and 2012, 2012 Quality Contribution Award

DONGFENG: Most Outstanding Supplier Award for 8 consecutive years

FOTON: Most Outstanding Supplier Award for 5 consecutive years

Are durable and long-lasting
Extensive Quality Control
Safety Standards
Environmental Sustainability

With our high end products, it is not surprising that the number of GT Radial partners keeps growing too. Globally, we have formed partnerships with various companies that also offer tire solution services. In fact, GT Radial has been named as Champions Hockey League’s official tire partner. Some of our other partners worldwide include FEMSA Logistica, Bartrums Warehousing and Distribution, Ambrogio Trasporti Spa, and Southern Tire Mart.

If you want to know more about GT Radial, please read about our production and quality management, research and development capabilities, sustainability and conversion, and awards and testimonials.