There could be many different tires for sale in the Philippines, particularly tires for trucks and vans, which are available at tire shops all over the country. But the question is, are they good enough to fit in your vehicle? As you know, you have to install materials that are worthy and quality-guarantee for security purposes.

Speaking of security purposes, GT Radial offers not only the best tires for SUVs but also tires for light trucks and vans that are safe to use and are quality-guarantee in terms of their tire tread, tread compound, and pattern design. These tires are the following:

Maxmiler Pro

The Maxmiler Pro is intended for the best tires for vehicles such as the Ford Transit, Nissan NV, and RAM ProMaster of today. The strongly reinforced sidewall is designed to withstand the enormous loads carried by compact and full-size multi-purpose trucks. The tread design provides all-season highway performance as well as the ruggedness required for certain off-road driving near the project. Maxmiler Pro is your business partner who gets the job done.

This kind of tire is a new generation of commercial tires with better wear and durability, and it is suitable for heavy use on all roads. It is designed for light trucks and vans for summer weather. It is asymmetrical, which means its features have distinct tread patterns on the tire’s inner and outer portions.

Super Traveller 668

The Super Traveller 668 is a van and light truck tire designed for commercial light vehicles and light buses. This kind of tire is one of the most performing tires in GT Radial Philippines, as it has four (4) different types of tires. So, you have more choices to pick which type of tire is best suited for your vehicle.

Furthermore, the Super Traveller 668 has amazing features and benefits! It creates a horizontal groove arrangement, which provides stability and a comfortable ride at high speeds. It has a wider shoulder and four pattern groove designs, which enhance wear, superior water depression, and performance in both wet and dry conditions. And, it also has a patterned shoulder design, which keeps the grip stronger and wearable.

Get the Best Tires for Your Truck or Van!

Each of the tire brands mentioned above, particularly the Maxmiler Pro and Super Traveler 668, has a tire specialization for a specific vehicle type. So you have a choice in terms of which tire to put on your vehicle, especially if you are particular about the materials used in automobile tires. Have a safe ride!

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