Although the vehicle industry is constantly changing, tires have stayed constant, and the tire shop is a tried and true business model. The tire industry has several diverse segments, ranging from sale to repair. Depending on your money investment and marketing ability, you can fill a single specialty or numerous niches.

Here are the list on where to find the best tires in the Philippines:


NEXEN TIRE was the very first tire manufacturer in Korea! NEXEN TIRE began as Heung-ah Tire Industry in 1942 and later expanded into a corporation with world-class technology prowess through technical relationships with global tire giants in the 1980s and 1990s. Since then, NEXEN TIRE has steadily expanded its commercial boundaries as a rising global firm, entering areas such as the United States, China, and Europe. Nexen Distribution Philippines Inc. is the country’s exclusive importer of Nexen tires.


PT Gajah Tunggal Tbk began making bicycle tires for its tire manufacturing in 1951. In 1971, the business expanded its product line by selling motorcycle tires, which were followed by bias tires for passenger and commercial cars in 1981. In the early 1990s, the business began producing radial tires for passenger automobiles and light trucks. PT Gajah Tunggal Tbk has grown to become the largest integrated tire maker in Southeast Asia. GT Radial is laser-focused, to be creative, and to develop new solutions for a more productive future that will satisfy customers. PT Gajah Tunggal Tbk tries to communicate and understand better in order to achieve comprehensive customer satisfaction in the quest of excellence and mutual trust. You can get in touch with them at


Goodyear was founded in Ohio, USA, by Frank Seiberling and is named after Charles Goodyear, who created the technology of vulcanizing rubber in 1839. Currently one of the world’s leading tire manufacturers, with the goal of producing cutting-edge goods and services that will establish the industry’s technological and quality benchmarks. Continual efforts and collaborations that promote road safety, such as motorist awareness initiatives on tire protection and maintenance, and an annual hunt for ordinary public utility drives as “Bayani ng Kalsada,” or road heroes, have been accomplished.


Bridgestone aspires to be a genuinely worldwide company, with its brand establishing itself as the indisputable, number one brand in both name and substance. To be sure, all of Bridgestone’s teams across the world are working toward the same goal. The origins of this idea may be traced all the way back to the company’s inception in 1931. Bridgestone has been anticipating the future potential of passenger car tires since then. Bridgestone is committed to providing customers with high-quality materials and technology, as well as a one-of-a-kind tire inspection and warranty service. Visit  to learn more about the company’s warranty policy.


Yokohama Tire Sales Philippines, Inc. was established on December 20, 2000, with the goal of purchasing, importing, exporting, and selling wholesale tires and rubber goods for cars, trucks, and airplanes. The company is a completely owned subsidiary of The Yokohama Rubber Company, situated in Japan. It keeps the crucial link between their principles and their ability to respond to changes in current trends in order to identify and meet future consumer needs. Yokohama has been at the forefront of breakthrough rubber polymer advances for more than 80 years. Any genuine Yokohama tire comes with a 3-year warranty (starting from the DATE OF PURCHASE): 


Triangle Philippines is a company that sells tires.Tyrephil Sales Corporation is a subsidiary of the Autophil Group of Companies, which aspires to be the Philippines’ one-stop automotive solution provider for truck and passenger car fleets. The company has been in operation for about 50 years. Tyrephil Sales Corporation is a company that sells tires, oils, wheel rims, and batteries for automobiles. Triangle Tires is the company’s exclusive distributor in the Philippines.


Dunlop was founded in 1888 by John Boyd Dunlop in Belfast, Ireland, with a concept  that would permanently change the way the world rides. One of the largest and most well-known makers of high-performance and ultra-high-performance tires in the world. A Dunlop tire is the result of more than a century of technological and racing expertise. Traditions created for high-performance technology that, for the first time, connects the driver to the road. Dunlop, which is known for its high-quality products and low prices, offers customer service for tire registration and warranty. Customer service can be reached at 

The ideal tires for your vehicle and driving patterns are mostly determined by your vehicle and driving behavior. It’s possible that the greatest tire for you isn’t the best tire for someone else. Although the information above can point you in the right direction in terms of tire kinds and brands, you should always double-check your owner’s manual or your vehicle’s Tire and Loading Information label to ensure you’re obtaining the proper size.

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