Buses and trucks ply our roads on a daily basis, with trips that range from a few kilometers to a few hundred. Whether carrying a large number of passengers to their destination safely, or transporting important cargo from one place to another, the right set of tires, together with proper tire maintenance, plays an important role in ensuring that bus and truck companies maintain a profitable business, with the safety of passengers and precious cargo guaranteed.

This was one of the missions that GT Radial set out to accomplish during the first truck & bus trade conference held in the Crowne Plaza Galleria. With the nation’s top transportation organizations in full attendance, GT Radial, through the helpful advice of their top engineers and sales officers, presented various tips on selecting the right tire’s for the job as well as how to ensure the tire’s optimal longevity and productivity, which in turn maximizes profitable returns for the company. Various testimonials were also given by some of the country’s most reliable transportation companies on how GT Radial truck and bus tires have retuned excellent value for their investment, helping their business thrive while keeping their fleet of trucks and buses performing admirably both on and off-road.

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