New regional drive axle tire for light and medium heavy trucksand buses using 17.5 and 19.5 inch tires.

GDR638 meets the increasing demands of the medium sized truck operator, providing comfort, low noise, good wet and dry handling in addition to an excellent mileage performance

Excellent all season and medium severe winter properties




Designed and marked COMBI ROAD Designed for use in both traditional long haul and regional haul conditions
New casing profil with enhanced footprint Improved wear pattern and reduced noise generation when in use
Directional pattern Enhance traction performance and extend tire wear
Sidewall protector ribs Reduces the risk of curbing damage to the sidewall area of tire
Marked 3PMSF Meets the requirements across Europe for 3PMSF Winter tires. It has the 3PMSF symbol on the tire sidewall

GDR665 offers 3 different tire sizes

Size PR Load Index Speed Rating Standard Rim Max load (kg) Max pressure (psi) Depth (mm) Diameter (mm) Section width TT/TL
275/80R22.5 16 149/146 L 8.25 3250/3000 123/123 22 1024 276 TL
295/80R22.5 18 152/149 M 9 3550/3250 130/130 21.1 1050 298 TL
315/80R22.5 18 156/150 (154/150) L(M) 9 4000/3350 123/123 21 1076 312 TL

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Aspect Ratio


Rim Size


Speed Rating

L – M

Section Width

275 – 315