An all axle position tire designed for varied on/off road operations.

A combination of rib and lug design with enhanced tread profil gives good self cleaning properties

The anti-cut and chip compound provides excellent protection against damage from impacts, cuts and abrasions

3 PMSF Certified




Special groove design Prevents and removes groove stone trapping, protecting the tire from road hazards
New advanced anti-cut and chip compound High resistance against tread tearing and cutting from usage on mixed road surface
Optimized casing and tread profile Provides excellent casing protection against external impacts, delivering an optimal footprint for improved wear performance
Combined rib and lug pattern design Delivers excellent traction and braking properties in all position usage
Solid wide shoulder Improves protection of the casing and increases stability and driving comfort


GAM831 offers 2 different tyre sizes

Size PR Load Index Speed Rating Standard Rim Max load (kg) Max pressure (psi) Depth (mm) Diameter (mm) Section width TT/TL
13R22.5 18 156/150 K(L) 9.75 4000/3350 127/127 18.2 1124 320 TL
315/80R22.5 18 158/150 K(L) 9 4250/3350 131/131 18.2 1076 312 TL

Additional information

Aspect Ratio

13 – 80

Rim Size


Speed Rating

K – L

Section Width