When it comes to choosing the right tires for my vehicle here in the Philippines, GT Radial offers a diverse range of options to cater to my specific needs. Among their impressive lineup, three standout choices are the Champiro HPY, Adventuro AT3, and Champiro SX2.

Get to know the unique characteristics and key features of their popular tires in GT Radial to help you make an informed decision for your driving adventures.

Champiro HPY

The GT Radial Champiro HPY is a tire that effortlessly blends versatility and reliability, making it an ideal choice for my vehicle, which happens to be a smaller SUV. Its primary objective is to provide a comfortable, secure, and fuel-efficient driving experience, no matter the season.

One of the standout features of Champiro HPY is its advanced all-season rubber tread compound, ensuring exceptional traction in both wet and dry conditions. The innovative tread block design, incorporating lateral grooves and shoulder blocks, not only enhances steering response but also delivers remarkable grip on diverse road surfaces.

To further bolster its performance in wet conditions, the Champiro HPY comes equipped with four wide circumferential grooves and integral lateral grooves, effectively channeling water away from the tire. Additionally, numerous sipes on the tread create additional biting edges for superior wet traction.

Adventuro AT3

Adventuro AT3 is the go-to tire for  SUV drivers who demand a tire capable of tackling both off-road adventures and on-road comfort with ease.

This tire features an advanced tread compound engineered to provide improved chip and cut resistance. Its symmetric tread pattern guarantees a dependable traction in wet and dry conditions, while wide circumferential grooves near the shoulders ensure exceptional performance on wet roads, preventing hydroplaning and instilling confidence in challenging weather conditions.

Champiro SX2

For drivers in the Philippines seeking top-tier performance, the GT Radial Champiro SX2 stands as the ultimate ultra-high-performance tire, accommodating all types of vehicles.

Featuring extra-wide shoulders, the Champiro SX2 enhances cornering stability and grip, allowing you to tackle curves and corners with confidence. Its wide center rib provides increased traction and responsive steering on both dry and wet roads, contributing to shorter braking distances when it matters most.

Choose the best tires in the Philippines!

At GT Radial,  they offer a tire model to match my specific driving preferences and requirements. By making an informed decision based on our needs, we can benefit from the dependability, safety, and performance of their affordable tires. So, when it’s time to replace your tires, choose GT Radial and drive with confidence.

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