Are you worried about buying expensive tires? You may be uncertain about buying a high-quality tire yet end up purchasing an ordinary tire. Do you even know the difference between the two?

There are numerous types of car tires in the Philippines today, but the prices of solid tires of the same size and specifications vary greatly. Should you go for a cheap or high price when shopping for tires? Practically, this question should not be the basis for picking the best tires for your car. You can guarantee a high-quality tire at GT Radial Philippines.

What makes high-quality tires different from ordinary tires?

  1. Tire’s physique

The tire’s physique can be identified in two (2) components: (a) the tire’s tensile strength and (b) the tread’s abrasion resistance.

  • The tensile strength of the tire: High-quality tires have a compressive strength greater than 22 MPa and a tensile strength greater than 18 MPa, which is more than 22% greater than ordinary tires.
  • The tread tire’s abrasion resistance: The high-quality tire is within 0.18 m3, and the ordinary tire is within 0.3 m3, resulting in a 40% increase in wear resistance.
  1. Gel composition

The proportion of rubber in the total formula is referred to as the rubber content. A high-quality tire has a rubber content of around 55%, whereas the standard for ordinary tires is around 45%.

  1. Tire versions

High-quality tires with strong flexibility at the core, minimal heat production, slow internal heating during usage, and long-term operation are appropriate for high-frequency operations. Ordinary tires are not permitted to be used for the aforementioned operations.

High-Quality Tires Vs. Ordinary Tires

Ordinary tires are less expensive than premium tires, as their names imply. This is due to GT Radial’s high-quality tires investing heavily in R&D (research and development) as well as branding. For example, our Champiro SX2 invests a certain amount of money each year to create materials, tread patterns, and structures that enhance safety and fuel economy.

For high-quality tires, GT Radial employs superior materials, such as sophisticated rubber compositions. This enables the tires to give increased performance and a more enjoyable driving experience to drivers.

We offer high-quality tires at GT Radial!

Are you looking for a premium or high-quality tire for your car? We offer you the top-brand tires in the Philippines! We offer Champiro GTX Pro, Savero A/T Plus, Maxmiler Pro, and more! You may choose from our tires for sale in the Philippines and pick one that suits your car.

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