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Greetings, fellow adventurers! Planning to go on an off-road trip through the untamed routes of the Philippines? As avid explorers ourselves, we understand the importance of having the perfect companion for every muddy route: GT Radial tires! Hence, we introduce you to the top-brand tires in the Philippines that may help you enjoy your adventure safely.

In an unexpected phenomena, like going through a rugged road and bad weather, having reliable tires is crucial. That’s why GT Radial offers the best tires for your vehicles, specially engineered to excel in the diverse terrains throughout the Philippines.

Tires for Sale

We sell different tires in the Philippines. Our range of tires caters to various vehicles, including SUVs and cars, ensuring that every adventurer finds the perfect match for their vehicle’s needs. Whether you’re embarking on a weekend getaway or a challenging expedition, GT Radial has you covered.

Here are the best tires for muddy roads that we sell in the Philippines:

  • Savero Komodo Mud Extreme

Savero Komodo Mud Extreme has its aggressive tread pattern and deep grooves, and it provides unparalleled traction even in the muddiest conditions. Created to withstand the harshest environments, the Savero Komodo Mud Extreme ensures that you never have to compromise on performance, no matter where your adventures take you.

  • Savero Komodo M/T Plus

Savero Komodo M/T Plus is engineered to deliver superior performance on both muddy trails and rocky terrain. These tires offer unmatched durability and reliability. With reinforced sidewalls and advanced tread design, the Savero Komodo M/T Plus provides maximum traction and stability.

  • Savero M/T

Savero M/T is constructed to excel specially in muddy routes. This tire offers exceptional performance and reliability through its aggressive tread pattern and deep grooves. And most importantly, it ensures superior traction on slippery routes or roads.

With our best tires for muddy routes, you will enjoy your journey wherever you go in the country. With GT Radial, we only want your enjoyment and safety while navigating the terrains.

Looking for the Best Tires for Your Vehicle?

At GT Radial, we offer different types of tires, specifically for muddy routes. Tires like Savero Komodo Mud Extreme, Savero Komodo M/T Plus, and Savero M/T, ensure that you will reach your destination safe and sound.

You know what? You need to make every adventure unforgettable. Choose GT Radial tires and embark on your next off-road expedition with confidence.

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