Purchasing new tires may be a daunting task. When planning to buy one, consider your budget, product quality, dependability, and special demands to guarantee you acquire the proper product. Most of the time, the choice is between quality and cheap tires—but what is the difference?

In this blog, we will go over the main advantages of investing in quality vehicle tires, as well as why it’s worth it to spend a little extra money on automobile safety.

What are the advantages of high-quality tires?

Premium tires or high-quality tires have advantages for users. These include the following:

Tire Life Extension

High-quality tires for automobiles are made to wear slowly, resulting in a longer tire life and more value for your money. However, proper tire maintenance should always be followed to ensure a longer tire life. GT Radial can help you with that!

Good Gas Mileage

Tires may account for up to 20% of your vehicle’s fuel usage, which means that defective tires can result in increased fuel consumption, which can be costly and wasteful. Premium tires offer reduced roll resistance and hence use less fuel.

Improved Aquaplaning Effectiveness

Aquaplaning is the lack of traction in a vehicle caused by a film of water accumulating between its wheels. High-quality tires perform better in flowing surface water, allowing the vehicle to retain constant contact with the road surface.

Reduced Dry Handling Time

Handling time is a measure of how well an automobile handles the road in wet or dry conditions. It encompasses steering, stability, grip, and the total effort and sensations felt by the driver when driving the vehicle. Wet roads may make it harder for drivers to manage and maneuver their vehicles. High-quality tires provide improved grip and control of the vehicle in all driving conditions.

Reduced Wet/Dry Braking Distance

Braking distances assess a tire’s ability to stop quickly. When the road is wet, motorists may find it difficult to come to a complete stop. High-quality tires offer shorter wet and dry braking distances, which means they prevent accidents better regardless of whether the road is wet or dry.

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