Tire Maintenance

GT Radial is committed to providing quality yet affordable tire maintenance in the Philippines.

You do not have to pay through the nose for proper tire maintenance. Instead, you can save a lot of money if you know how to take care of your car’s tires.

With GT Radial tire maintenance, you won’t need to replace your car’s tires as often. They can help you boost your fuel economy and efficiency. As a result, you will have a safe driving and travel experience.

How to Take Care of Your Tires

Tires can last longer and perform at their best with proper maintenance. Here are several tips you can follow to keep them in good shape:

1.     Do a regular inspection

You need to check your tires regularly. This will help you identify what is wrong with them, such as embedded road debris, cuts, and gouges.

2. Balance your car’s tires and wheels

Balancing your tires and rim assemblies is crucial to improve their ride quality. It also lessens tire vibration as well as prevents wheel tramp and wheel shimmy. So, for an even distribution of weights, a tire technician from GT Radial tire maintenance can help you with this. In the end, you will achieve static and dynamic balance.

3. Check proper air pressure from time to time

Cold weather can cause tire pressure, leading it to lose air. On the contrary, tire air pressure increases in warm weather. And if you do not maintain the proper air pressure, a greater risk of a blowout, premature wear and tear, and sluggish handling can happen. So, have a monthly tire pressure inspection for better driving performance.

4. Rotate your tires

The recommended tire rotation should be conducted after traveling for 8,000 to 10,000 km. Doing this regularly is essential to improve safety.  It is also helpful to wear the tire and eventually extend its life. For this reason, technicians from GT Radial tire maintenance can help you with it.

5. Inspect your wheel alignment

Does your vehicle’s steering wheel shake or vibrate? If this happens, you might have an alignment problem.

Improper wheel alignment can lead to poor vehicle and tire performance. That is why it is vital to check your alignment periodically.

6. Avoid overloading your vehicle

Be aware of your load index. Overloading can cause tire failure and destruction.

7. Use your spare tire

Have your tires checked by a technician whenever you sense something is wrong. Do not hesitate to replace a damaged tire with your spare one.

8. Have a tire-friendly driving

We encourage motorists not to drive too fast and maintain moderate driving habits. This is because driving at a high speed increases friction that heats the tires up and wears them out more quickly. Hence, moderation in your speed helps your car’s tires to last longer.

Prioritize Tire Maintenance

You can increase your car’s tire life by going to auto centers regularly. Aside from safety, you can save a lot of money with a little maintenance too. It should be your goal not just to keep your vehicle safe, but its driver and passengers as well.

What’s more, service centers know exactly how to take care of tires. Therefore, invest in tire maintenance with GT Radial.

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