Perhaps you are looking for the best and highest-quality brand tire that will best suit your vehicle and your exploration needs. Worry no more! With GT Radial Tires, we have provided you with a Savero SUV tire—available in the Philippines—our ultimate road traveler for SUVs wherever you may go.

Despite the fact that all GT Radial brand tires meet high-quality standards, you will still look for the best fit for your vehicle. And of course, you have to pick a tire that can pass through a very winding road journey in times of unwinding and exploration. Or, a high-quality brand tire that will last a long time.

The GT Radial’s SAVERO SUV, the best tires for SUV in the Philippines, is intended for on-road use and is compatible with current SUVs and urban crossover vehicles. It is efficient with fuel at any moment. It has a wet handling property that ensures the security of the riders on the wet and muddy road. Its tires produce low noise when driving. This is also designed for both mud and highway terrain. Though the shape of the tire is round, its tread and sipe are symmetrical. And most importantly, it is comfortable to use.

Savero tires are built exclusively for the demands of your SUV, whether you want to drive on the highway, off-road, or all-around. Moreover, the following are the features of Savero SUV tires available in the Philippines:

4-Broad Longitudinal Trench: Rapid drainage provides improved wet performance without reducing aquaplaning.

Sipes with Geometrical Optimization: Small tread blocks and lateral sipes work together to reduce road noise and improve wet grip performance.

Rigid Circular Ribs: These provide strong directional, driving stability, and effective braking.

Block Shoulder Stiffness: This results in excellent turning stability, outstanding traction, braking power, and steering accuracy.

For more information, here are the details about our SAVERO SUV Tires:

  • Sizes of rims range 15 to 20
  • Aspect Ratio 50 to 
  • SectionWidth ranges 205 to 285
  • Speed Rating is S – V
  • UTQG: 380 A A

The GT Radial Savero SUV tire brand in the Philippines offers 33 different tire types. Each has different tire sizes, standard RIM, tire width, diameter, tread depth, and maximum load. So, you have the choice of which tire you think is most convenient for you.

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The GT Radial Tires in the Philippines are very much equipped with its service to all travelers. While other tire brands may be good for a specific vehicle, SAVERO tires, the top brand tires, are good for SUVs. So, if you are using an SUV, never be hesitant with our ultimate road traveler — the SAVERO SUV tires!

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