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As we embark on a new year, it’s time to give attention to your cars. Is the condition of your tires good? The road ahead in 2024 is uncertain, but one thing is for sure – your car deserves a new set of top-quality tires. And where can you get all these? None other than us, at GT Radial.

GT Radial: The Top-Brand Tires

Here are the top-brand tires of GT Radial that you must experience along with your journey this year:

1. Champiro Luxe

The Champiro Luxe is engineered for premium performance. It offers a smooth ride, exceptional handling, and superior traction. Whether cruising through city streets or embarking on a long highway journey, the Champiro Luxe ensures a luxurious driving experience.

2. Champiro BXT Plus

Champiro BXT Plus is engineered to tackle various road conditions and provides excellent grip, stability, and extended tread life. It’s a reliable companion for SUVs and cars, making it a versatile choice for diverse driving needs.

3. Champiro Eco

Champiro Eco doesn’t compromise performance for eco-friendliness while focusing on sustainability. It boasts low rolling resistance with fuel efficiency and reducing carbon emissions.

4. Champiro GTX Pro

Champiro GTX Pro delivers optimal control, responsiveness, and cornering stability. It’s a top choice for drivers who demand a tire that responds to their every command. This ensures a safe and exhilarating driving experience.

5. Champiro HPY

Champiro HPY is designed for drivers who crave speed and agility. With its advanced tread pattern and enhanced grip, this tire can handle curves and straights with equal finesse. And, it’s one of our best tires.

6. Champiro SX2

If style is as important to you as substance, the Champiro SX2 is the tire that seamlessly blends both. Its sporty design matches outstanding performance, making it the perfect choice for drivers who want to make a statement on the road.

Why GT Radial?

At GT Radial, we create tires with quality and safety usage. In fact, we are confident to say that we are one of the best tire companies in the Philippines and even abroad. As you step into 2024, make sure to accompany yourself with top-brand tires so you can be confident that your journey will be smooth, safe, and stylish.

Drive confidently into the new year with a tire that cares for your vehicle and the environment. The road may be unpredictable, but with GT Radial, your journey is destined for greatness. Happy safe driving this 2024!

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