The GT Radial Savero SUV Tire Launch


Source: (August 2015 issue of C! Magazine).

Having established their brand as one of the most recognized tire manufacturer in Southeast Asia, GT Radial has rapidly grown into an international brand that’s currently being sold in more than 100 countries worldwide. GT Radial attributes this through product innovation and the implementation of a comprehensive quality control system at all seven of its tire plants. Strict quality control measures ensure that the quality is met starting with the selection of raw materials right down to the final inspection of each tire. What’s more, GT Radial even implements an internal numbering system, so the factories and distribution centers are able to monitor the employee group responsible for a particular production process, for each tire produced.

Further proof of its commitment to maintain the highest level of production standards, all GT Radialplants have obtained ISO/TS16949: 2002 (the highest standard of quality control) and ISO14001 Environment Management System accreditations. GT Radial’s system of excellence governs not only operational excellence and efficiency, but also looking after their employee’s and environmental sustainability by reducing natural resources and increasing tire reuse. To keep up with the latest technology, GT Radial is continuously developing equipment, processes, and knowledge to keep a top level of quality in today’s competitive tire marketplace. Aside from its own R&D centers, it also has four GT Radial Proving Grounds located worldwide. As such, GT Radial is able to continuously expand and update its complete range of tires. With today’s current crop of modern and high performance Sports Utility Vehicles (SUV), plus Crossover vehicles, GT Radial has come up with the new Savero SUV, which is the latest addition to one of their most popular variants.

Marking the official launch of GT Radial’s new Savero SUV tire, GT Radial recently held the Ride and Drive Challenge 2015 at the Megatent, in Libis, This product launch was attended by GT Radial distributors, Dealers, car club members, car enthusiasts and media. The event kicked off with four classic tire R&D tests, turning it into an exciting adventure race around the vast parking lot of the Megatent. Four teams, composed of various car clubs, took turns on a relay, testing the newest SUV tires on the road for Dry Braking, Wet Breaking, Comfort and Rolling Resistance. Team goals include achieving the shortest distance from brake point for the braking test and the shortest time to complete the Rolling Resistance test – which entailed changing tires of an SUV to compare a competitor brand against the GT Radial Savero SUV.

The second part was the Official Product Launch of the GT RadialSavero SUV. The General Manager for Export of PT Gajah Tunggal Tbk, Sean Chiang launched the GT Radial Savero SUV, along with Director for Sales, Simon Hui. Among esteemed guests from GITI Tire, present at thelaunch were Dr. Enki Tan, Executive Chairman and YC Chong, General Manager of International Marketing and Sales. During the launch, Chief Operating Officer of GT Radial Philippines, Mark Dy says, “While GT Radial strives to constantly come up with relevant products in the changing market; we also look forward to hold events for car enthusiasts and car clubs. We want them to experience the performance of GT Radial tires first-hand, as a commitment to grow a genuine and lasting relationship with our customers, and come up with products they can trust and in pursuit of building a brand that knows them well”


Designed for on-road driving to match today’s modern and more powerful SUV and urban crossover vehicles. Utilizing the latest compounding and design technologies, GT Radial is able to offer excellent road handling, fuel efficient, comfort/quiet ride and safety that’s specially designed for SUV’s and Crossovers. Large block located on the shoulder of the tire help generate maximum traction for more precise dry/wet handling. Aside from the four main grooves that effectively prevent hydroplaning, it also has geometrically arranged sipes, forming a combination of blocks that drastically reduces tire noise levels. By using advanced thread compounds, this will elicit the lowest rolling resistance to reduce fuel consumption, which also will equate to less CO2 emission for the environment.

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