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  • GAO822

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  • GAO822



    Built in special compound and thicken base rubber for adverse road condition and ground surface Super excellent anti-cut,anti-puncture
    Aggressive pattern and transverse grooves Provide high traction, self-cleaning performance
    Deep tread pattern design Longer tire service life
    Pattern bottom super strong rib design Provides strong and rigid pattern block that resist damages
    Tire construction designed specially for heavy duty operation. Robust casing.


    GT Radial Philippines – GAO822 offers 5 different tyre sizes

    Tire Size LI SI ETRTO Standard RIM Section Width (mm) Overall Diameter (mm) Tread Depth (mm) Max Load(kg)
    9.00R20 144/142 F 7.0 1030 21.6 2800/2650
    10.00R20 149/146 F 7.5 1065 22.6 3250/3000
    11.00R20 152/149 F 8.0 1096 23.5 3550/3250
    12.00R20 156/153 F 8.5 1136 24.5 4000/3650
    12.00R24 160/156 F 8.5 1136 31 4500/4000
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