Choose the Right Tires with GT Radial

GT Radial Tires

GT Radial is one of the suppliers of exceptional tires in the Philippines. When looking for the best car tires, make sure to choose high-quality brands for durability. With the help of GT Radial, you do not need to settle for less. You can have a good quality tire at the right price. In fact, this company is your best partner to ensure high braking convenience, excellent wet grip, efficient…

Take Care of Your Tires with GT Radial Tire Maintenance

Tire Maintenance

GT Radial is committed to providing quality yet affordable tire maintenance in the Philippines. You do not have to pay through the nose for proper tire maintenance. Instead, you can save a lot of money if you know how to take care of your car’s tires. With GT Radial tire maintenance, you won’t need to replace your car’s tires as often. They can help you boost your fuel economy and…

Making Your Tires Last with GT Radial

It is not easy to say how long a tire can last. The mileage and lifespan of a tire relies on several factors. These include road conditions, driver’s habits, the climate, design, and the maintenance put into the tire. Generally, motorists understand that tire maintenance is necessary, including inspecting or changing tires at least every few years. GT Radial tires are known for their durability. Most of the time, they…

GT Radial Tips on How to Choose Tires

Tires are one of the most important parts of a vehicle. They are your car’s main point of contact with the road. They also play a major role in supporting your vehicle’s weight. Thus, choosing the right tires is essential for any motorist. Choosing the right tires for your car is essential. Choosing the wrong kinds of tires will not only be detrimental to your vehicle’s performance, but also compromise…

Ride and Drive Challenge 2015

The GT Radial Savero SUV Tire Launch By: FRANCIS G. PALLARCO photos by RANDY SILVA NETTO Source: (August 2015 issue of C! Magazine). Having established their brand as one of the most (more…)

Monster Tajimas

  COLORADO SPRINGS, USA Famed road racer Nobuhiro “Monster” Tajima turned in an “electrifying” performance in the 93rd running of the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb, placing second overall in his 1.1MW (megawatt) electric racing car riding on special GitiCompete tires. (more…)

Truck and Bus Trade Conference

Buses and trucks ply our roads on a daily basis, with trips that range from a few kilometers to a few hundred. Whether carrying a large number of passengers to their destination (more…)

GT Radial joins MIAS 2015

For the first time, GT Radial Philippines joins the Manila International Auto Show. With three new tire treads to add to their extensive product line-up, GT Radial is poised to make a splash (more…)

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