It is not easy to say how long a tire can last. The mileage and lifespan of a tire relies on several factors. These include road conditions, driver’s habits, the climate, design, and the maintenance put into the tire. Generally, motorists understand that tire maintenance is necessary, including inspecting or changing tires at least every few years.

GT Radial tires are known for their durability. Most of the time, they are expected to last longer than other brands. However, they still need proper care to ensure their longevity.

Make your Tires last with GT Radial
Make your Tires last with GT Radial

Ensuring Good Tire Condition

Typically, tires can last up to five years, as long as they are properly maintained. It is suggested to replace tires every five years or if you have accumulated a certain mileage and see that the tread is already worn out. So, if you are wondering how you can excellently take care of your tires to make them reach its maximum lifespan, here are some of the ways you can do:

1. Regularly Check your Tires.

You can ask assistance from the nearest auto center in inspecting your tires. For your convenience, you can have them checked while your car is in for a scheduled service, like oil changes or rotations.  

2. Inspect the Tread.

Once the tread of your tire is worn down, it can be unsafe already. Usually, a tread’s red flag level is 2/32 of an inch. Most tires have a tread wear indicator. Once your actual tread reaches the tread wear indicator, it is time to have your tire replaced. 

3. Have the Tire Pressure Checked.

Tire pressure is another vital factor in guaranteeing safety. During the rainy season, tires can wear more quickly. It can result in decreased pressure. For this reason, you should visit your local GT Radial dealer for tire pressure inspection. Even during the dry season, it is also essential to have the tire pressure checked. Objects on the road, such as debris, can puncture your tires and affect their quality.

4. Schedule Regular Tire Maintenance.

Proper tire care can enhance tire longevity by performing car maintenance, correcting air pressure, and maintaining regular tire rotations.

Making Your Tires Last with GT Radial

Tire Replacement

If your tires have already reached fiveyears, it is best to have them replaced already. It will guarantee safer travel for you and your loved ones.

For your new tires, see to it to get GT Radial. In addition, you can check out the nearest dealer in your area to have your tire replacement scheduled soon.

Tire Replacement with GT Radial
Tire Replacement with GT Radial

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