Improper demounting and mounting processes can cause tires to fail prematurely. A torn bead, for example, might cause slow loss of inflation pressure and potentially internal tire separation.

GT Radial’s Expertise is an assurance that tires and wheels are well balanced and properly installed.

Tire changing is a dangerous job that should only be done by a professional. Properly trained GT Radial Staffand use the appropriate tools and procedures. Improper tire and/or rim part positioning, resulting in the assembly to detonate with enough explosive energy to cause major bodily harm or death that is why GT Radial ensures that everything is in the right path. 

For optimal tread wear, tire/wheel balance is critical. Out-of-balance circumstances can significantly lower tire economy and cause vehicle vibration and bounce. Tire/wheel balancing is important for maximizing tire performance throughout its service life.

There are two sorts of tire/wheel out-of-balance situations.

At highway speeds, vibrations are caused by wheel assemblies. Because of vertical (up and down) movement, static balance, also known as single plane balance, can cause vibration. A bubble or a spin can be used to rectify it. balancer. Vibration is caused by rotational movement due to an uneven distribution of weight over another axis of the wheel (wobble or shimmy). GT Radial’s dynamic spin balancer, which can also rectify static imbalance, can correct it.

Tire balancing should only be done by trained tire service specialists. Balancing equipment should be correctly set up and calibrated, with special care paid to the alignment of the wheel assembly (e.g. hub-centric or lug-centric wheels). Fange plate adaptors may be necessary for larger truck tires to provide appropriate tire/wheel balance.

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