Tires are one of the most important parts of a vehicle. They are your car’s main point of contact with the road. They also play a major role in supporting your vehicle’s weight. Thus, choosing the right tires is essential for any motorist.

Choosing the right tires for your car is essential. Choosing the wrong kinds of tires will not only be detrimental to your vehicle’s performance, but also compromise the safety of its passengers.

Since your car’s tires need to handle various weather conditions, especially here in the Philippines where the rainy season usually dominates the months of June to August, you must choose tires that can handle a heavy downpour and slippery roads. Therefore, see to it that you choose tires that will not only perform excellently in fair climates.

What to Consider

In choosing the right tires, GT Radial has some words of advice for you. But, first, you have to determine the factors for finding the best buys. They include the kind of vehicle you have and the climate conditions you typically experience.

Here are some of the tips on how to choose tires:

1. Tire size

For each specific vehicle , there are recommended tire measurements that you have to follow. Knowing your vehicle’s tire size is necessary since you have to consider its capability to handle the vehicle’s weight. Your recommended tire size is usually listed in your vehicle manufacturer’s user manual.

Aside from the quality, you have to consider the tire’s ability to carry heavy loads. The correct tire size can also help your vehicle quickly respond to emergencies. Therefore, see to it that you choose from a reputable tire manufacturer.

2. Tire type

Choosing the right kind of tire for your vehicle requires selecting one suitable for your lifestyle and location. There are several tire types. These include touring, all-terrain, summer, winter, all-season, high performance, among others. Of course, if you are in the Philippines, you do not need a season-based tire, but you have to get one that can survive all climatic conditions.

Tire Types
Tire Types

Moreover, there are other considerations when choosing the right kind of tire. For example, you need to consider the kind of vehicle you have, the road conditions in your area , and your driving style.

3. Priorities

Aside from the size and kind of tire, you have other qualities to check when buying one for your vehicle. These include the brand, appearance, and cost, and they need to be evaluated. Usually, car owners stick with the type of tires that their vehicle originally came with. If you want to change tires, you need to find out your priorities, such as fuel efficiency, performance, ride comfort, noise level, and tire wear.

Ask the Experts

Choosing the right tires for your vehicle should not be done hastily. You have to think about safety, car performance, and practicality. Poor choices can cause you risks and more expenses.

If you are not confident with your choices, you can ask for help from professionals. You can contact the nearest GT Radial dealer to help you select the right tires. They can evaluate your vehicle and guide you in making the right choice.

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