GT Radial is one of the best brands and best car tires in the Philippines. We offer a wide range of high-quality tires for various types of vehicles since 1993. We are established as a trusted brand, providing top brand tires that are designed to deliver outstanding performance, safety, and comfort.

GT Radial has a diverse product range of tire options, in fact, it is one of the best tires for SUVs in the Philippines. Each tire product is tailored to meet the distinct demands of driving and vehicle types. Passenger car tires in the Philippines are designed for optimal handling, fuel efficiency, and comfort, making them a suitable choice for everyday use. These tires are engineered to transport heavy loads over long distances, ensuring the safety and reliability of both goods and passengers.

GT Radial Tires are committed to quality and safety for drivers and roads. We invest heavily in research and development to manufacture tires that adhere to the highest standards in terms of durability and performance. Rigorous testing is conducted under a range of scenarios, including high-speed and high-load, to ensure that the tires can withstand the most demanding driving conditions.

Moreover, GT Radial offers exceptional after-sales services. The brand has local tire dealers located throughout the Philippines, providing fast and efficient tire replacement and maintenance services. While we offer an extensive warranty program, we ensure an affordable tire price users could have in the Philippines.

Sustainability is another area where GT Radial stands out from its competitors. The brand acknowledges the significance of protecting the environment and reducing its carbon footprint, and it has launched several initiatives to reduce waste and minimize its impact on the environment. Eco-friendly materials are used in the manufacturing process of the tires, and a recycling program has been introduced to decrease the waste generated during production. That’s one reason why our tires are the best SUV tires in the Philippines.

Best Tires in the Philippines

GT Radial is one of the top brand tires in the Philippines, offering a wide range of high-quality tires like Champiro tires. The brand’s commitment to safety, quality, and sustainability make it an ideal choice for drivers in the Philippines, and its nationwide network of authorized dealers ensures that customers can get their tires replaced or repaired with ease. If you need a new set of tires, be sure to consider GT Radial – you won’t be disappointed!

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