Did you know? GT Radial Tire, situated in Singapore, was formed in 1951 and has a global distribution network that spans over 130 countries.

It formed a joint venture with China’s Anhui Tire Factory in 1993. It presently has seven manufacturing plants in China, producing over 140,000 pieces each day. Each tire bears a bar code that records each stage of the operation, and they all go through a rigorous and exhaustive quality control process. They are also x-rayed and examined for interior abnormalities and damage.

As of 2022, GT Radial, the top brand of tires, is the world’s 11th largest tire manufacturer in terms of revenue.

Though GT Radial tires have designed and created many different tires for specific vehicles, we also have industrial use, which can be installed particularly in a forklift vehicle. And these are the GT Grip tires. Get to know the tire features of the two below.

GT Grip Tires

GT Grip tires are designed for use with a forklift. A forklift is a type of motorized industrial truck that is used to lift and transport items over short distances. So, it needs a quality tire that fits its usage. Hence, the following are the features and benefits of GT Grip tires when you consider installing them on your forklift:

The design of a directional interlock lug pattern: the tire has excellent stability, particularly in industrial areas. It also has extreme mobility and efficiency.

A unique tread compound: it possesses a long-lasting and excellent grip on road surfaces, both within and outside the industrial area.

A nylon cord is used to reinforce the structure: it increases grip ability and is cost-effective for maximum forklift load.

GT Radial | Best Tire Brand PH

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GT Radial is one of the lesser-known tire manufacturers. However, its tires are gradually becoming the favored choice for low-cost buyers, because it is known to have quality but cheap tire price in the Philippines.. And, unlike other low-cost tire makers, GT Radial does not skimp on quality. Furthermore, its tires perform almost as well as their more expensive competitors. Overall, GT Radial is a solid choice if you are searching for affordable yet high-quality tires for your car, truck, SUV, crossover, minivan, or any other passenger vehicle.

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