A long-haul tire can travel for over a thousand miles. High-speed steer tires for medium-heavy trucks used in long-haul regional operations. Modern tread design provides highly comfortable driving while still providing good fuel performance. We present to you our unique and only long-haul tire in GT Radial, the GAL 817.

Long-distance commercial tires are designed to operate at highway speeds. They prefer to drive on smoother, interstate highways rather than local roads. Not only can the best SUV tires perform a long travel journey, but long haul tires too. Long-haul tires may go beyond a 300-mile radius and can cover 100,000 miles or more per year. Because of this amount of wear, long-haul commercial tires have a lengthy original tread life to enable longer highway travel hours.

When selecting long-haul truck tires, you must make educated decisions on the truck’s drive, steer, and trailer positions. There are other tires designed for all-terrain use. GT Radial is dedicated to manufacturing high-quality yet reasonably priced tires for Filipino drivers. Our advocacy is to constantly develop our tires in order to ensure driver safety and to stay up with the demands of the road. As a result, while creating tires, we only use the best machinery, materials, and procedures. At the same time, we recruit the top professionals who are experienced manufacturing specialists.

Steer tires are for medium-heavy vehicles, both national and regional, for highway and local use. Hence, the following information can help you learn more about our top brand long-haul tires. Check this out!

Features and Benefits

The Giti GAL817 was developed primarily for inner city and regional applications, with a broad footprint and shoulder for improved tire life and driving pleasure. This tire is purely improved for road adaptability. Specifically, here are its features and benefits:

A wide footprint with broad shoulders: Designed for use in both classic long-distance and regional use scenarios. The traction is enhanced while providing excellent treadwear and driving comfort for both users and drivers, as well as passengers.

The casing structure has been enhanced and redesigned. It provides an optimum road surface footprint for increased mileage and regular wear. It features an advanced footprint for excellent handling.

The noise level is low. It results in a quiet and comfortable driving experience.

Specialized and unique tread compound. The tire possesses improved tread wear resistance and handling components.

Tires Philippines | GAL 817

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