Are you looking for an ultimately high performance tire that is best suit your SUV or car? We present to you the Champiro tires, created by GT Radial. Champiro tires are one of the car and SUV tire brands in GT Radial.

Champiro tires have different tire versions depending on what type of vehicle they will be installed on, either trucks, cars, SUVs, or other branded and luxury cars. Hence, get to know the top brands of tires in the Philippines for you to decide which tire is best for your car.

Champiro SX2

The Champiro SX2 is a hgh-performance summer tire created by GT Radial for enthusiasts looking for higher levels of traction, response, and driving control in dry and wet conditions. It is suited for track days, spirited driving, and everyday street use, thanks to its exceptionally aggressive asymmetric tread pattern for better cornering stability and high-grip silica compound that provides constant performance.

Champiro HPY

The Champiro HPY blends safety and comfort with a dynamic and sporty drive. In testing, the tire had a robust sidewall and outstanding dry and wet performance, with short braking distances and snappy handling. However, in the sand and off-road, it surpasses most competitors. A decent alternative for people who drive on city roads 80% of the time and only 20% on country routes.

Champiro GTX Pro

Champiro GTX Pro is a redefined high performance tuning tire created for summer weather, specifically for today’s automobile enthusiasts seeking flair and improved performance. This type of tire is suitable for all passenger car driving needs, with strengths in comfort, durability, handling and mileage.

Chapiro Eco

The GT Radial Champiro Eco is a new generation of Summer Touring and comfort tires developed for passenger vehicles. In fact, it ranks 134th out of 209 Summer Touring tires internationally, based on the results of the survey of European tire tests. Moreover, it maintains air pressure for a longer duration, offers good fuel economy with decreased CO2 emissions, and keeps handling and braking at the highest level with its excellent grip on wet and dry roads.

Champiro BXT Plus

The Champiro BXT Plus is the latest generation entry-level vehicle with high mileage capability and comfort. It provides superior performance on all terrains. It has excellent wet grip and wear resistance.

Champiro Luxe

GT Radial’s Champiro Luxe was designed to meet the most strict international safety requirements, with an emphasis on superior performance, comfort, and tranquility while driving. It has a jointless cover construction on a wide high tensile steel belt.

Champiro — the Top Brand Tires

When you’re an enthusiast in driving, traction and control are everything. GT Radial’s top brand and best SUV tires in the Philippines, the Champiro tires, are what you deserve. Get it now and experience how it serves you!

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